Are Expensive Blankets Really Worth the Price?

Pendleton Blanket

For several hundred years, the preferred materials to produce blankets were cotton and wool. At certain times and in particular conditions, animal hides and various plant fibres have been employed, yet we keep coming back to to the most dependable materials to produce and fabricate into substantial, warm pieces of bedding.

If you are looking for some substantial and easily cleaned blankets which should hang around for a long time, make a point to check out one or two of the alternatives we have reviewed in the next paragraphs.

JCPenney features a number of types of cotton blankets, although their finest product is the Linden Street Egyptian cotton blanket. This blanket is crafted using the world-renowned cotton that is cultivated along the Nile River and features the greatest cotton fibres obtainable. The long fibres lend this material a softness which is extremely difficult to approximate with any other sort of cotton. Linden Street blankets are available in a wide variety of colours to enhance your pillows and comforters, and are 6 inches longer than standard blankets, making these products suitable for college dorms.

If you prefer your cotton American made and your blanket slightly more trendy, Land’s End offers a top of the line Supima Elite Cotton Blanket crafted from the finest domestic cotton. The Supima fibres are combed for remarkable softness and the specific weave of these blankets creates both airflow and warmth, making them superb for year-round use. For whatever reason, these domestically raised and woven blankets are more expensive than JCPenney’s imported products, however.

Wool is slightly more expensive than cotton and not as simple to clean. However, when correctly manufactured it could be very nearly as smooth and it is considerably warmer on a cold night. Pendleton has been making superior woollen products for in excess of a hundred years, and their Eco-Wise Wool is evidence of this company’s old-fashioned craftsmanship as well as their latest progress in eco-friendly stewardship. Their Eco-Wise Easy-Care blankets will be machine washable in cold water and are woven from 100% pure virgin wool.

If your likes are more international and you like your wool from sheep with an interesting accent, Garnet Hill sells Merino Wool blankets. Merino wool is the world’s most expensive wool and is sought after for its softness and strength. These blankets are somewhat over sized to allow for thicker mattresses and are edged with a satin binding.

These are really worth for price and hope you have found the best worthy one from here.

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