Delivering His Spin on All Things Hip Hop: Artist Buc Noi Breaks New Ground

How did you get started with Hip Hop?

I’ve always been around music my whole life and now I just want to tell my side of the story.

Do you think this genre will last or will people tire of it?

I don’t think it’s going last, music is always evolving and it’s time for a change.

Buc Noi Breaks

Since there are so many great street Hip Hop artists, what do you feel determines who gets to the top of the game?

The person who works the hardest, stays on top of the game.

What drew you to Hip-Hop in the first place as opposed to any other genre?

My entire life is Hip Hop. I grew up in the hood, and that is all I know.

In addition to being a music artist, you have launched successful brands. If you weren’t launching M.O.B and continuing with your music career as an artist and songwriter, what other profession would you be in? To be honest, I would probably still be trying to make that street money, because that is all know.

How do you balance your time between your music and running M.O.B? I make sure I dedicate half of my time to music and the other half to running the business, equally split.

Buc Noi Breaks

What are you most proud of in your life? My daughter Majesty.

What’s the one truth that has held constant throughout your career and life? I never fold and I always keep “ten toes down.”

How have you been able to successfully merge your music career with the Minds of Billionaires brand as they are both growing at a successfull rate within a relatively short period of time?

Everyone feels my music and they can also relate to the brand.

What effects have mobile technology had on your music career and marketing for your brand as a whole? Social media helps as a whole because it is free advertisement for myself and the brand.

If you were to write a book about your life so far, what would the title be and why?

The title to my autobiography will be “I Am The American Dream” By Buc Noi, because I came from rags to riches, grew up in the American struggle, the American Hustle, and now I am the American Dream.

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