H1GHR MUSIC’s Artist Ted Park Discusses His Latest EP

International Korean-American music sensation, Ted Park, incorporated music into his life early on when he started playing piano at the age of five. He took a brief hiatus from music at the age of 13 when his classmates started teasing him and making jokes about his Asian heritage, to pick up other interests. Little did he know that just a few years later when his family emigrated to Korea, that he would begin making his own music. Ted Park credits his early years from learning piano to cultivating his knowledge for songwriting and constructing his melodies and harmonies.

Park’s parents also wanted to show him the world early on, having traveled to 46 states in the US before they relocated to Korea. His travels and experiences throughout his life ultimately prepared him for his life touring on the road. Ted states, “I think that traveling throughout my childhood opened my eyes and mind to many different people and cultures. To embrace and want to see more and more of the world, which keeps me hungry for more, and enjoying all the little things about being on tour.”

Jay Park, the founder of H1GHR MUSIC gave Ted the opportunity to expand and introduce his music to a new audience. Since signing with Jay’s new label headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Ted has been able to grow as an artist and entertainer immensely. “I am forever grateful for Jay and H1GHR MUSIC for taking a chance on me,” Ted proclaims. “Three years ago, I was broke, living in a basement apartment in New York City with no money in my pocket. I was at a breaking point mentally, wondering if I was doing the right thing chasing a career in music. Then one of my singles hit the Spotify VIral 50 Chart and Billboard charts at the same time. Between that and Jay’s opportunity with his new label, it showed me that I had a shot and could do this for real.”

Since joining the H1GHR MUSIC label, Ted Park has branched into writing lyrics for label founder Jay Park and hoping to branch out to writing for other artists in the near future as well. Ted graced thousands of loyal fans at the 5th Annual KTown Night Market Festival in Los Angeles recently in June. He took the stage alongside fellow H1GHR artists, Jarv Dee and pH-1 for an incredible closing night performance. Ted explained, “Seeing those fans sing every song word for word with me, dancing and singing their hearts out felt like validation that I am doing right. I have the best fans in the world, HANDS DOWN!”

In Ted’s recent Billboard feature on his latest release, “They Don’t Know” he referenced teaming up with Anthony Barfield of Velocity Music and Nick Lee for his video. Ted states, “Anthony and Nick are such talented producers, I was really honored to work on the record with them. The video was nailed as well by Allen’s Eyes, as the song was directed towards people who don’t know or understand me and my art.” He further explained that although he is not a painter as portrayed in his music video, he paints pictures visually through his lyrics and music. You can often find him outdoors, playing sports, fishing or just spending time with his friends and family in the fresh air.

The last year has proven to be a whirlwind experience for Ted Park and his friends since his appointment on the H1GHR MUSIC label. Fans tell him that his latest EP released under the label is by far his most polished and complete body of work to date. That every song is the highest of quality — no pun intended with the label name. Fans can keep up to date on his upcoming tour dates and video releases by following Ted’s social media on the links below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TedParkBoi/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TedParkBoi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tedparkboi/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TedParkOfficialMusic

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ph6JucAkc6pnPPad0uiJT

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