Hip Hop Artist Woopty Woop Shares His Insights On The Music Industry and His Career

Woopty Woop

How did you derive your stage name, Woopty Woop? What is the backstory?

I really just gave myself that name because of my affiliation and it had a ring to it that stuck with me. I just started calling myself WOOPTY WOOP, plus it’s easy for people to remember and it’s catchy…

What was the defining moment in your life to make music the focal point of your career?

I started getting around well respected people in the industry that told me I have a look and sound that would make it in this industry and I should be a rapper because I resemble one and live like one lol…

Where and when was your first live performance? What is the most significant memory from that experience?

My first live performance was in New York City at a strip club lol . . . the most significant memory was that all of the dancers really enjoyed dancing to my music — so much so that they told the DJ to keep playing the record the whole night!

How does collaborating with other artists differ from producing solo work?

When Collaborating with other artists your able to touch their fan base and your own which means more people who will know who you are depending on the artist you collaborate with rather than just producing a solo project which is limited to just your own fan base…

What have you learned through collaborations whether with other artists or with production?

I’ve learned that everyone works differently.. Some artists or producers may work fast while others may take forever to perfect their craft…

What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?

Never give up and keep working hard…

How do you best describe your style? (i.e. metaphysical rapper? Do you include spirituality into your lyrics?)

My style is more uptempo, turn up type of vibe with bars combined with aggression and wittiness.

How do you feel the genre of Hip Hop has changed most overall in the last 10 years?

It has completely changed, especially now that it’s more of a streaming game now then it was 10 years ago.

Where would your dream venue be to perform live? Concert vs Festival? Etc and why?

I love music festivals because that’s where the most fun is at and my music fits right into the environment but concerts in arenas are also great.

What was the first album you ever owned?

The Lost Boyz album titled Legal Drug Money . . . Big Queens!

What was the inspiration behind your new project?

The inspiration behind my new project is a combination of all my new experiences along with what I’ve been through.

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