Is Nuckles a feminist musician?

The song “’Hadi Rejalona”, which was sung completely in Arabic, was inspired by the murder of Israa Ghrayeb (Gharib).


He went on to explain the situation and song on his Instagram stories after creating a buzz in the Arab world and being bombarded with comments of support on the IGTV post and youtube video. He went on to explain that it in his culture, there is a toxic culture of honor killings which are devoid of any honor. Israa Gharib was only one of the many victims of these heinous crimes which are common in the Arab world due to old traditions which were banned by Islam.


Nuckles stated that as a musician, he felt it was his duty to better the Arabic Society and contribute in its development in order to raise the living standards of citizens in the Arab World. Nuckles said it was impossible for the Middle East to progress when the Arabs take a step forward and then two steps back. Fans were a bit confused at first as they did not expect the musician to address the situation, due to his image which is not only local, but International as shown by connection to notorious Chicago Rappers such as THF Billa and THF TP, who have been known for being part of THF (Trigga Happy Family) which is a gang notorious in Chicago, Illinois and for beefing with “opposition” such as a rapper named Drilla from a rival gang.


It is not understood whether Nuckles is turning to a calmer and more positive route, or whether the musician will stick to his usual style of songs like “My Squad”, which was featured on ELEVATOR Magazine for its crazy antics.

For readers who wish to hear the song, Nuckles is on Instagram under the username @NasserDajani

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His official website

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