M Hoody was inspired by 50 Cent in the 5th grade to the point that he would wear FUBU and wear du rags when going to see his friends. This was the spark that led to his interest in a music career. He began his career as a freshman in high school in 2012. He decided to shoot a music video soon after creating his first song but didn’t release it despite encouragement from his friends. His perfectionism may have temporarily held him back as the same person who recorded M Hoody’s first video has received over 100 million views from his works.

One of M Hoody’s most significant moments was when he spent time in a studio while in Saudi Arabia. He spent time around artists with a large fanbase and was able to learn new things while spending time around them. This experience helped to inspire him and helped him to come up with new creative ideas. His family has been very supportive of his music career and only wish to see him be happy, but they still want him to have something to fall back on along with the music.

M Hoody’s following is larger overseas than in the US due to their interest in intellectual rap with a style outside of the general mainstream style seen by many artists. In order to expand his reach across the globe, M Hoody plans to collaborate with more artists and create English records to reach a wider audience. M Hoody can see the importance of music videos as it encourages people to share the music. He has noticed how people prefer to have something they can visually see along with the music and interact with. The current Pandemic has created an environment where people interact on the internet much more than they have in the past.

For this reason M Hoody concentrates on creating high quality videos that will entertain his fans. When asked what was one thing he would say to his fans his reply was, “Be positive, dream big and always remember “Faith in God is Success.”

You can find M Hoody music and videos online at YouTube under M Hoody and Instagram at @MHoodyOfficial.

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