Nuckles goes CRAZY with new music video!

Upon releasing his jaw-dropping music video “Nuckles — My Squad” in 4K, he caught the attention of multiple major media outlets such as ELEVATOR Magazine and NoJumper. Him and his crew walk around the cold streets of Russia in the middle of the winter while he wears only a t-shirt in the snow. Pretty incredible if you ask me!

The amount of guns in this music video is almost unbelievable, especially with the tough gun laws in Russia. Nuckles shows NO FEAR while he walks with his squad around the streets of Moscow (as seen by the train in the background). Which rapper walks around in public with this amount of power and control? It is even a bit scary to watch him disregard all these laws.

All of this is made up for with an EXTREMELY catchy tune which makes you want to jump up and dance with your friends. In this song, he does not use a lot of complicated terms as it is easy to sing along and go crazy with your friends. If there was a perfect combination of adrenaline and music, THIS would be it!

More of his videos can be seen on his official website

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