Seattle Hip Hop Artist Avatar Darko Discusses His Inspiration, Music and Influences

Avatar Darko is one of the talented artists signed to Jay Park’s newest venture, H1GHR MUSIC label. Although Avatar was born in the former USSR, he was raised in the Central District of Seattle, Washington. He had been approached by Jay Park personally in 2018, prior to the launch of the label and during one of their earliest conversations, Avatar suggested to Jay that they replace the “I” in H1GHR with a “1” for more distinction for the brand.

Avatar Darko

His stage name, Avatar Darko, is in homage to the nickname his father had given him as a young child. “My Dad used to call me Avatar when he saw how passionate I am, and always have been, about writing and poetry, following in his footprints as an artist. The definition of an avatar is ‘an embodiment or a new personification of a familiar idea’ and my Dad had been an avid student of Buddhism and Hinduism back in the 80s, so I just took that and ran with it. Darko came from my alter ego, loosely based off of the movie Donnie Darko, I ultimately combined them and became my artist name.”

Avatar’s extraordinary talent has not solely been noticed by Jay Park and the media over the years, but his countless fans around the world. He hopes to show people through his music, that there is no need to be scared of vulnerability. Avatar himself, came from a dark place, his own personal rock bottom and had to reach enlightenment. He states, “As long as there is a little bit of light in the window, you can evolve and I want to continue to show that through my music and lyrics. I tell my fans the stories of my journey, what I have been through with the direction of not getting knocked off track no matter what obstacles you face, to become a better version of yourself.” One of the most compelling moments of his career was when a fan approached him and explained that his music helped them deal with their depression and mental illness. “It’s always amazing to know that you were able to affect someone positively through your music.”

He started freestyling and battle rapping at his high school football games. Avatar reminisces having a crowd of students behind him listening so intently and walking up to him in awe of his talent. The excitement has grown as much as his career over the years as he has honed in on his talent. The H1GHR MUSIC label as a whole has placed a significant emphasis on the roster’s live performances. Avatar explained that he is always focused on bringing energy throughout his live shows to make sure that the crowd is involved and having fun from the opening to the closing set.

Avatar is concentrating his time and effort on his music, staying true to himself as he continues to elevate and hit his stride mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and musically. Although he does not remain as focused on the results as he does on creating an impact in the Hip Hop genre with the impact of his sound. Avatar urges his peers in the music industry, similarly to his audience to remain consistent, true to yourself and focus on what your passions are; separate yourself from everyone else and just go hard in your art and life!

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