Serial Entrepreneur and CEO Wes Moussignac Shares His Own Path to Financial Freedom

Wes Moussignac

Wes Moussignac is a serial entrepreneur who moved from Haiti to New York City and created a legacy for his family in America. After launching his first company in 2008, selling marketing materials such as brochures, fliers and business cards. During this time, he was working for a wholesale printing company, but knew in his heart he would have more success as a retailer. After the market crashed, Wes began to lose momentum and energy. This turn of events made him realize that he had to find a way out of the traditional 9 to 5 system. Along his path to establishing his new career, he had several issues that created initial financial setbacks, but Wes remained optimistic and turned it into a learning experience.

The biggest reward Wes receives from his chosen career path is being able to be there for his family when they need him and watch his children grow. When considering lessons he wishes he had learned earlier on, Wes states that he would have taken classes or workshops from Dale Carnegie to learn how to win friends and influence people. Another choice would have been to align himself with companies such as Toastmasters in order to learn about being in front of people and getting your message to them professionally. The final thing he mentioned was having a mentor that could give him the wisdom and knowledge he has now gained, so that he could have reached his goals even more quickly. At this point in his career, Mr. Moussignac offers these services himself through workshops, mentoring and motivational speaking to new entrepreneurs.

Wes Moussignac owns several businesses, which coincide with each other. In order to build business credit, Wes first had to learn to build personal credit, which led to the creation of Rapid 3 Consulting. Writer’s Block Café was designed to help creatives who suffered from a lull in their process and incorporating CBD and marijuana infused drinks and snacks. With the legalization of recreational marijuana use, marijuana is used to help individuals with stimulate and hone in to their creativity. The coffee shop environment also helps the individual to remain energized and socialize in an enjoyable atmosphere with other like minded people.

Wes state that he greatly admires billionaire Dan Pena for his ability to speak his mind and not care what others think about him. Due to Wes’ background in sales, Grant Cardone is another person he admires for being a master salesman and teaching him to have a strategic system in place for every business he has. Wes has written a book that inspires those who want to become entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. It teaches the reader how to leave the 9 to 5 life and find their own path to financial freedom. If there was any famous entrepreneur dead or alive that Wes could sit down with, it would be Warren Buffet for his ability to bring success to the lives of others. Wes takes great pride to be the type of entrepreneur who can help others find success in their life.

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