Should You Move Your Business to The Cloud? — The Human Engineer

Cloud computing, once an alien term, is amongst the most trending technologies today! It has brought a tremendous positive in the IT sector, and businesses are no less affected. But, the question is, how relevant is cloud business management to your business?

Well, any business big or small, has significantly large volumes of data to handle, which can burden their existing IT infrastructure. Cloud-based management can help distribute the workload and the systematic functioning of businesses.
How relevant is it for your business?
Cloud computing brings with it flexibility management, productivity, and yes, the biggest concern of businesses, security. Cloud computing is a collaborative workspace, where you can be in any remote location in the world, and still be connected with your team for work.

You can add partners, associates to your cloud console to share your live projects, demos, and more. Cloud-based computing is by far the latest technology to best manage your work.

What happens to your existing infrastructure?
Yes, that’s a very genuine concern of all businesses before deciding to shift their architecture to the cloud. To understand this, let us know how helpful it would be to move out of your physical storage systems onto the cloud!
● Communication gets easier, like never before. Cloud-based business management brings your entire organization online, making it easy to exchange information. No barriers, no waiting for a reply on emails; only real-time talking! You can create department-specific chat groups dedicated to well manage the workflow of each process.
● Cloud technology has made collaborative work a mere possibility. Teams can work together on the same Virtual machines and instances in real-time and make and view changes to documents and files.
● Enhanced system security is a guaranteed highlight of cloud technology and is a primary requirement of many of the top tech companies.
How expensive will it be?
That’s a big variable, and a significant factor here is how well you deploy your business architecture on the cloud. For example, if you want to host a cloud instance only for running frontend services, you can select a t2.micro size instance on AWS, and you shall be eligible for free tier!

Even for large businesses, you can establish a lightweight cloud computing architecture with the right choice of cloud services. If you have a large business to deploy on the cloud, you would need to pay some extra bucks. But, there are no hidden costs, and you just need to opt for the cloud service that suits your business infrastructure and get started.

A critical requirement of using cloud-based services is a high-speed internet connection at your workplace.

Don’t worry about the extra costs that would add up to your business. Considering the improved productivity as a result of using cloud technology, the additional costs shouldn’t be a problem.

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