SoCal Music Artist MillsWasChosen on The Music Industry and His Upcoming 2019 Tour

MillsWasChosen is a groundbreaking artist from the Inland Empire of Southern California. When he was just 9 years old, Mills wrote and recorded his first song having been inspired by his older brother. “My brother is 7 years older than me and he had a low budget studio setup in his bedroom. He would have people come to our house and he would record them over his beats. Being his little brother, and always being around that creative environment made me think: why not me? I wrote my first track and showed it to him, he liked it and made a beat for me. We recorded it and when I heard myself on the playback, that’s when I knew that music was meant to be for me.”

Although music did play a major role in his childhood, Mills didn’t pursue music professionally until after he graduated from high school. He had moved back in with his parents and enrolled in The Art Institute — Inland Empire to study audio engineering. It was then that his networking solidified key connections for him and he took his career more seriously.

His life experiences heavily influenced the soundscape and subject matter of his music. Mills explains, “I find inspiration in everything I experience directly. Most cases, I make a few songs about how I am feeling or my thoughts on life at that particular moment and it ultimately turns into a project.” His main message to his audience is perseverance. “I want people to listen to my music and feel like no matter what it is that I am shooting for or want, I can achieve it as long as I keep going and that is what I embody in almost each of my records.”

His stage name, MillsWasChosen came to be in his freshman year of high school. He started listening to a lot of Atlanta based trap music and one of his favorite producers at that time was Mike-Will-Made-It and he thought his tag was so catchy that he started playing around with ideas for his own name. “Since my last name is Mills, it became a no brainer and it stuck with me — MillsWasChosen was meant to be.”

Mills claims that his main source of inspiration has been the lack of money and opportunity combined with hatred and jealousy that always seemed to surround him. “I’ve always been a neutral party, someone that everyone was cool with. I thrive upon bringing people together and pushing them to their limits. My goals and day to day life are enough inspiration on their own. Nowadays, my main inspiration is my 1 year old daughter Malla.”

Today, MillsWasChosen creates a majority of his music in his home studio. He often has up and coming Indie artists stop by his home to partake in one of his studio sessions. “I feel like it’s essential that I can make music at home because of the comfort level. It allows me to try whatever I want and that is where my best music comes from.”

His loyal fans are not just based in SoCal but nationwide. “My fans are amazing, especially my die hards!” Mills exclaims. “They purchase everything I put out for sale in terms of my merch and always show up to my events early. I try to flood them with content and new merch constantly. No one drops as much music as I do and my fans love that!” He feels his genuine attitude contributes a lot to the loyalty of his fan base. “I think too many artists try and add something to their story to sell or appeal to a set demographic. I’m just a simple guy trying to tell his story. I don’t want to be too flashy or corny or gangsta. I’m just me. Whatever judgment you make from my music, that’s on you but I am always clear and direct.”

MillsWasChosen does not do many collaborations, focusing mostly on his solo work. He normally collaborates with artists that he feels he can learn something from such as bar structure or ad libs. “I never let an artist kill me on a feature, I always match or surpass the energy presented.” Mills states the most rewarding aspect of sharing his music with the world is seeing how it affects people. “I make motivational music in hopes of inspiring the next man to go out and get it. I love watching my fans get motivated to keep moving up in the world with me, and that is the greatest reward an artist can have.”

We asked Mills, if he had any advice for an aspiring artist, what would it be? He responded with, “Keep going. Be unapologetic in your moves and set a clear path. We get so caught up on the ‘right way’ to enter the game when it is constantly changing on a daily basis. I say keep going through the motions and find out what works best for you.”

MillsWasChosen kicked off his Spring/Summer 2019 shows at El Cid on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. “The place was gorgeous! The staff was amazing and it was one of my best shows to date. The crowd even asked for an encore!” Fans and music industry professions can catch him on his upcoming tour which starts at the end of May. “I’m taking on another hometown artist that you’ve seen me collaborate with often, named Bobby B. The first stop is at Club Bahia in Los Angeles on May 23rd. All I can say is that it’s going to be a special night and I hope to see you there!”


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