Tommy Tattz Shares His Insights on The Entrepreneurial Spirit and His Upcoming Single Release.

Tommy Tattz

Tommy Tattz, founder of the Fatlyfe brand and rising music artist from Northern Virginia is making strides nationwide with his movement and lyrical talent. Having originally launched Fatlyfe in 2014 for himself, the feedback from friends and clients on the logo quickly grew. The movement behind the young entrepreneur’s Fatlyfe brand is comprised of an ambitious drive, focused on success, eating well and enjoying the “Good Life.” The positivity in Tommy Tattz Fatlyfe brand and movement grew from word of mouth and peer promotion resulting in several trending posts on social media networks.

Tommy Tattz is most notably proud of the organic growth his Fatlyfe has experienced in the most recent years, originating in his hometown. Although he is also working on releasing new music this Fall 2019, he remains focused on the marketing and growth of Fatlyfe on an International level by working with respected cannabis brands and dispensaries across North America and The Caribbean. “The Fatlyfe products have really taken off in sales at many East Coast dispensary shops and I am looking to expand and build my relationships with others all over the world!” Tommy explained to us. “Our clients share the same philosophies, mindset and enterprising spirit, it makes perfect sense to cross market, promote and introduce our products to the clientele that already embodies our Fatlyfe lifestyle!”

Tommy Tattz
Tommy Tattz
Tommy Tattz

In addition to expanding his thriving brand, Tommy Tattz has been putting the finishing touches on his newest single that is expected to drop this Fall. We asked him on a scale of 1 to 100 (100 being the best) how good is this next record we are anxious to hear? Tommy replied, “This is going to be a big record at a 100, it has a more commercial sound than what my fans are used to having me release, but I know this is my best quality of music yet! It will be dropping this fall on all platforms, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Tidal, etc.”

Growing up in Northern Virginia, he feels that his environment has influenced his lyrical style over the years. Tommy explained, “I admit that I am influenced by artists from the DC Metro area, but also from artists in the South East and West Coast.” He has always kept an open mind when it comes to respecting talent and Tommy resonates more with an artist’s personality and lifestyle than their music alone. “This is why I originally launched the Fatlyfe brand a few years ago, to showcase and highlight the positivity between good music, entrepreneurial spirit and enjoying the benefits of hard work and that East Coast ‘hustle mentality’ I am proud to embody!”

Tommy Tattz has also taken a much larger role on the business aspect of his music career. Although creating his own music has always been a passion of his, he exclaimed, “There is nothing like the thrill of the business side of the music industry! I would say it’s a 70/30 split for me currently, I have been able to incorporate consulting and advising my friends and other up and coming artists on how to launch their careers in the entertainment world. Consulting on basics such as creating a successful and clear business plan, marketing and booking shows is how I have been much more active on the business side of my music career.”

The mixed culture environment of the DC Metro area lends to a true “Melting Pot” filled with diversity and cultures from all over the world. Tommy’s favorite local artists are GoldLink and Fat Trel, but he divulges that many people would be surprised at how even having military in his family and a significant number of military bases in and around the Mid Atlantic region has affected and influenced his musical style and creative process. Now with his Fatlyfe brand expanding with a respected and loyal fanbase, Tommy Tattz shared that he would love to collaborate his Fatlyfe products with artists such as Rick Ross, Taylor Gang and Wiz Khalifa due to their unprecedented work ethic and ability to execute successful business strategies. “I have always admired their hustle and respect these are just some of the most respectable individuals in the industry in my book, and I would love to have them involved with my brand in the future!”

Fans can keep up with Tommy’s upcoming projects, music, tour dates and brand on his social media channels online and his website which will be relaunched in coming weeks.

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