USPS Postal Address Change gets easy with Rapid Address Change

Shifting to a new home is much more than just packing boxes and moving furniture. Among several other things, you’re supposed to notify the USPS about your new address, lest you risk missing out on various bills, checks and important mails that are sent to your old address. However, keeping up with the age old tradition set by government agencies, filing for an address change request with the USPS is also an unnecessarily lengthy, complex and for the large part, an incompetent process. Fret not though, because RapidAddressChange is here to make your life easier.

RapidAddressChange is what Apple was to cell phones. The simple, but effective, website has revolutionised the address change process for millions of Americans who change their address each year.

If going by the official route, you would have to go to their local post office, explain to their personnel your intentions to change address, fill out long forms (assuming that the post office hasn’t run out of those forms already), stand in a long queue, submit the application — realize that you’ve filled the form incorrectly because of their unnecessary complexity and repeat the whole process again until you finally get it right. Sounds tiresome and highly counterproductive, right?

Well, here is where the folks over at RapidAddressChange come in and save the day. These guys act as an authorized agent between you and the post office and do all the heavy lifting for you so that you can relax at your home. The way it works is that you’re supposed to fill out a simple form (don’t worry, this one takes less than a minute to fill), pay a onetime fee and that’s it! It’s really that simple!

In addition to filing your USPS address change request on your behalf, there are several other perks of using RapidAddressChange’s services. Some of these perks include:

24/7 Customer support by Address moving experts to expedite your shifting process.

Exclusive eBook — “Rapid Address Change Checklist” on How to Make a Smooth Move and Which Agencies to Notify in order to Avoid PENALTIES from the Government.

Complimentary Inclusion in the National Do-Not-Call Registry. In other words, permanent solution to the annoying spam calls.

$750 WORTH of Coupons for services viz. moving, television, broadband, and telephony services.

Unlimited Complementary Resubmissions for your Address Change in case of mistakes and errors.

Guidance on Address Change with various Public and Private Agencies.