What to expect at a traditional Nigerian wedding party.

The Nigerian culture is known for big and extravagant weddings and equally impressive parties. These traditional weddings can be a bit overwhelming if you’re a newcomer to the heritage. It’s not as scary as it seems.

Image from Nigerian Wedding: Pinterest

Be aware; a typical Nigerian wedding is a community affair. The whole tribe will be there in attendance. So there’s plenty of opportunities to make friends and learn about people you haven’t heard of before. There will be plenty of stories about the happy couple and a perfectly acceptable talking point at all times.

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With elegant fabric and geles, be sure that you gele or Autogele is well arranged and properly secure. Make sure to have your outfit (and the specific fabric) planned out. Not only does it take time for these outfits to be made (and you don’t want to be stuck without the correct attire if you’re in the wedding party or even just a guest) but someone else could be looking at the exact same fabric and pattern as you. Remember, the whole community. Be sure to choose something not only elegant and beautiful but light and moveable for the party portion of the event. You should be prepared, or at least aware, of the weather on the day of the wedding. These weddings tend to be held outside in some way and weather could change from the forecast.

It’s not an exact science of when you will be able to feast at this event. Theculturetrip.com say to eat before you go to the wedding. Traditional nuptials may take a while to conclude. You don’t have to over-indulge yourself before the wedding, not only will you be uncomfortable throughout the event but you won’t have room to savor the catered meal. It’s also traditional for the bride to go on a hunt for her husband, moving from guest to guest until she finds him and shares a cup of wine with him. It’s an interesting and entertaining tradition that may take a while for it to conclude.

Be sure to befriend the caters and helpers. They will keep your table filled with food and you never know who is going to cater to the next traditional Nigerian wedding you’re attending.

You will need to save up your bills so you can help pay for the activities, if you’re that close to the couple). You will also need to have bills handy when the family and guests spray the couple with money to help them on their new adventure together and to start a family.

Nigerians don’t always have culturally accurate weddings. They can have a “white” wedding which is a western tradition, the white dress, and the tuxedo and the whole shebang. If you go to a Nigerian wedding there is a chance there will be two ceremonies. The bright and colorful custom of a traditional Nigerian wedding and (a few weeks apart) a traditional western wedding. Be prepared to attend two separate parties, which requires different clothes, gifts, and customary actions.

Nigerian weddings are a huge affair to remember. They are known to be huge and extravagant get-togethers that last for hours and hours. These parties are known for being an open invitation to eat, drink and celebrate the new lives of a married couple. They can encompass different traditions depending on what tribes the bride and groom are from and the different customs those tribes have. It also depends on the wedding party and how extravagant they want to be with their festivities.

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