Why You Should Purchase Full Grain Leather Products

When we purchase leather products, are we paying enough attention to the type of leather used and the quality? No! Find out why you should be purchasing full grain leather products!

At Bessie Hide, we understand that quality, not quantity are the keys to success. For too long consumers have been misled with low prices, discounts, and volume over quality items that stand the tests of time. There is a reason why there are designer items, antiques, and items from thirty years ago that still look and feel as fantastic as the day that they were made. Quality. There is nothing better than looking at a high-quality leather item that looks as great as the day you bought it home from the store. We engage with indigenous leather makers from Mumbai for whom leather making is the only skill they have ever known.This ancestral knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation.

For too long there has been little information advertised about different grades of leather, and the different qualities of leather products. We aren’t blaming consumers for not knowing that leather items are available in different grades or quality levels, just that there is a lack of information and education. By using high-quality full grain leather, excellent craftsmanship, and skilled craftspeople, Bessie Hide is producing high-quality leather products that people will be able to enjoy for decades.

So, what is full grain leather, and why should you purchase full grain leather products?

When we speak about full grain leather, we are referring to the highest possible grade of leather. Full grain leather comes from the very top layer of the hide and includes all the natural grain of the leather. Full grain leather isn’t sanded or buffed like other leathers. The full-grain leather has natural grain, with no enhancement or modifications like many other lower quality types of leather. Instead of becoming worn and faded over time, full grain leather items start to develop a natural patina. These scars are the leather reaching its ultimate potential and are highly pursued by leather enthusiasts around the globe.

Full grade leather is the ‘cream’ of leathers. This is the leather that artisans around the world dream of working with. Just because it’s the highest grade of leather, it doesn’t mean that it’s the easiest to work with. Full grade leather is one of the hardest leathers to craft. This is what makes it so expensive. Only the best leather craftsmen and craftswomen around the world have the special skill and abilities to create an item from full grade leather. It takes years of experience and training to craft full grade leather into the beautiful leather items you see available at stores such as Bessie Hide.

When you purchase a handmade leather, item crafted from full grade leather, you’re not just buying another leather bag. You’re buying something that a leather craftsman have poured their years of experience, love, and hard work into. The next time you look at leather items, make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, buy full grade leather products. You’ll thank us in the long run! A high-quality leather bag isn’t just another bag. It is an investment on an item that will see you through the good times, and the bad, leaving you smiling at the end.

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