Billions of lives exist on planet Earth, diversified species, but a common necessity, Self-defense against the predators. Karate too was born out of this human requirement that has evolved over centuries. Numerous masters have given their lives to it in the last 1500 years.

The art of Karate can be traced way back to the post Christ era, when an Indian Monk Bodhi Dharma (known as Daruma Daishi in Japanese and Ta-Mo in Chinese), who is considered to be Father of Oriental Martial Arts way back in 540 AD, contributed significantly to its evolution.

Centuries passed by, the art to defend against wild animal attacks moved towards Self defense against human assault.

Until 1920 there was no term called Karate.

Master Gichin Funakoshi (November 10, 1868 — April 26, 1957), travelled to mainland Japan from Okinawa and all his research gave this unique name and term of Karate. O-sensei Gichin Funakoshi is regarded as Father of modern day karate.

It was Master Hidetaka Nishiyama (October 10, 1926 — November 7, 2008), the direct disciple of O-Sensei Gichin Funkoashi, who contributed in institutionalizing karate as competitive sports.

Karate training and tournament is classified into three formats which are:

· Amateur Karate (Sports karate)

· Traditional Karate

· Contact Karate

This article talks about ways and means that would improve the sport by taking leverage of the #blockchain technology integration.

Whenever blockchain is mentioned, the first thing that the mind of the common people conceives is #bitcoin and #altcoins. However, the effect of this amazing technology surpasses finance. It has a wide disruptive effect and the combat industry is not left out.

Blockchain is a distributed database of records or public ledger of all digital events or transactions that have been executed and shared among participating parties. It allows for the seamless transfer of tangible and intangible assets as well as information in a fast and secure manner without cross-border restriction. With this in mind, the karate industry aim to use this technology to unite the world karate community and tackle some of the issues it is currently facing such as problems related to payments and fund management.

Since inception, revenues generated through means such as members/students registration, tournament sponsorship, event sponsorship and advertisement are not recorded with 100% clarity. However, with blockchain technology, this can be corrected by leveraging on one of its core values which is transparency. With it, distribution of funds to relevant channels such as staff salary, event and tournament expenses, health insurance and welfare of athletes as well as prize money and advertisement can be done based on trust since every member of the organization will have access to the blockchain and will be notified if any information is tampered.

With blockchain technology, the karate community that consists of more than 190 million worldwide, can be unified under a single blockchain in such a manner that students as well as teachers can register, monitor improvement and even remit payment by agreeing on a common means of payment that will be agreed upon by anyone. Just like bitcoin is the currency of the internet, this means of payment that is agreed upon by the community will be the currency of the karate world.

With this in mind, #BoutsPro aims to bring world karate together by integration of Blockchain technology and its key values that include decentralization, trust, security of transactions, cross border accessibility bypassing any form of bureaucracy and security. We aim to launch our own token “Bouts Tokens” which can be used everywhere by the karate community, the viewers, online gamers & all the sport lovers/sponsors/advertisers.

This will be made possible because Blockchain (especially that of #Ethereum solidity ERC20) supports the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DAPPs) which is the source of most tokens created today.

With this, Professional #Karate will have a wider reach and the sport will attract investors and sponsors from outside that will lead to the growth of the sport and community globally.

Company Name: BoutsPro World Ltd

Contact Person: Sensei Rejeev Sinha

Email: contact@bouts.pro

Country: United Kingdom

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